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Special Services


In Addition to the basic services, Lion International Bank (LIB) delivers the following special services to its esteemed customers 

1.1 Children’s Trust/Minor Account

Minor account is an account opened for under aged individuals (minors) by the parents/guardians or by the court order. LIB provides this facility considering the strong desire and farsightedness of many parents and guardians to plan for their children’s future life that is to cover future higher education and other expenses by saving small portion of their current income. LIB pays attractive interest rate on this product.

1.2 Non-Interest Bearing Account

This type of account is mainly availed for the Muslim societies that did not want to earn interest on their deposit account. Hence such type of account has no interest to be accrued at the end of the month, based on the customer written agreement.

1.3 Zero Balance Account

This type of account in the beginning opened without depositing the mandatory initial sum of money required to be deposited based on the type of the account to be opened. Any eligible person/legal person can open zero balance current or saving account.
However, for an account opened with zero balance cheque book /passbook will not be delivered till the minimum initial amount is deposited. This account will stay open for only one month and if the customer deposits the required initial deposit within that month a passbook or a cheque will be delivered with a full privilege to use that account otherwise the account will be automatically closed.

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