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Hello Cash



HelloCash is a mobile and agent banking service provided by Lion International Bank S.c.

Mobile and agent banking is a form of branchless banking which allows people to access bank accounts and retail outlets of merchants, by using a mobile phone device.  

Using HelloCash Customers are able to, by using their mobile phones, pay bills, make and receive money transfers.  Local merchants are used as mini branches for the financial institutions, with the role of facilitating the registration of new customers and serving as Cash Deposit and Withdrawal access points.

HelloCash users can access their accounts using a mobile phone through various mobile phone channels such as IVR, USSD, SMS and online web portal as a complementary channel. The service is available in 5 languages [Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrigna, Somali and English] allowing a localized and convenient user experience.

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) issued a Regulation of Mobile and Agent Banking Services Directives No. FIS /01/2012 Directives for Mobile & Agent Banking allowing financial institutions to reinforce the coverage of financial services in the country by using existing merchants as an agent network, Telecom infrastructure and Mobile phone technology.

Register for HelloCash

  • Visit your nearest Lion Bank branch  or agent providing HelloCash Services

  • Fulfill the account opening form

  • Provide a valid copy of ID and two passport size photos

  • Agent/bank teller initiates your registration using his/her phone

  • System calls you on your mobile phone and ask you to do the following System creates the account and sends you confirmation SMS, to choose preferred language, to speak full name so that your voice profile can be recorded and ask you to choose 4 Digits PIN for the account

  • You can now start to use the HelloCash service using your mobile phone.

Make a Deposit

  • Visit your nearest Lion Bank branch  or agent providing Hello Cash Services

  • Give the amount of cash together with an ID card to the Agent/Bank Teller.

  • Agent/bank teller sends the same amount of money to your mobile phone.

  • The agent/bank teller Fill a transaction receipt and gives you stamped and signed transaction receipt.

Transaction completed. You get SMS confirming the transaction. You sign on transaction log form of the agent and agent returns your ID.

Make a Transfer

  • Call 8803 and select send money option.

  • Enter the receivers mobile number

  • Enter the amount to be sent

  • When getting call back from the system, confirm the transaction with your PIN

  • Transaction completed. You and the receiver get SMS which confirms the transaction.


  • Call 8803

  • Press option “3” to send money

  • Enter the phone number of the person that you want to transfer the money to, (09112345678) then press the pound (#) key.

  • Enter the amount of money you want to transfer and then press the pound key (# ) key ( 500#) The system will end the call. The system will call you back to confirm the transaction.

  • Enter your four (4) digit PIN code to complete the transfer

  • The money will now be sent. You and the receiver will receive an SMS confirming the transfer.

 Pay for goods and services

  • Call 8803

  • Press 3

  • Enter the phone number of the (merchant) that you want to transfer the money

  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and press # key then the system will end the call.

  • The system will call you to authenticate the transaction.

  • Enter your Four (4) digit PIN code and the money will be send

  • You will receive an SMS confirming the payment.

Check balance

  • Option no 1- you can simply call 8803 and listen to your balance

  • Option no 2- write *803# and select option 2 “Balance”

  • Option no 3- call customer support and ask for account balance.

    Customer Transaction Charge

    Transaction range

    End user Transfer Fee

    End User Withdrawal Fee

    25 - 500



    501 - 2000



    2001 - 3000



    3001 - 4000



    4001 - 5000



    5001 - 6000




    For More information on Hello Cash Mobile and agent Banking Service call 8803 and press “0”; Customer support awaits your call.

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